Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vacation rentals for the Caribbean and the rest of the world

The Caribbean comprises many countries, and seeking vacation accommodation country by country can be a big time waster. However, you can find at CARIBBEAN VACATION RENTALS all the Caribbean countries listed and I am sure you will find that a great convenience. However, that site is not only for the Caribbean only, but for the whole world, and you can look for world wide vacation accommodation at vacation rentals. Further, this is not only for vacationers seeking vacation rentals, but also for vacation rentals property owners who wants more exposure to list their properties. For them, all they need to do is to click on List your vacation rentals. When you get someone renting your properties, there will be no referral fees. Instead, there will only be a low annual fee to pay.

Hawaii is not exactly a Caribbean country, but has all the similarities and offers about almost similar activities, both having warm tropical weather, lots of nice beaches and sparkling ocean for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. But there are differences. Hawaii was never colonised, unless you consider joining the federation of the United States of America colonisation. Hawaii culture is Polynesian, American and Asian. Most Caribbean countries were colonised by European countries before, who left some influences. Plus the culture of Caribbean countries is influenced by its African background of most of its population. And in Hawaii, you can get snow in the mountain peaks.

In a survey by the Hawaii's Department of Economic Development and Tourism, 71% of Hawaii's visitors are from continental US while only 54% of visitors to the Caribbean are Americans. I just checked the origin of visitors to this site. The majority (36%) are from the United States and for them, if they go to Hawaii, there is no worry over currency and passport plus electrical voltage.

If you plan to visit Hawaii instead of the Caribbean, you can book your accommodation via Hawaii vacation rentals.

Hawaii consists of hundreds of islands and atolls, but there are only eight main populated island, and the second largest is Maui. If you go by the number of people who have visited that island before and decided eventually to settle there, it must also be the most pleasant and livable. There are many towns in Maui, but the most luxurious and also the most expensive is Wailea. It has lots of high class hotels and holiday resorts plus exclusive golf courses and tennis clubs. Wailea draw celebrities like bees to honey. It is a good place for celebrities watch.

There are less expensive alternatives to Wailea, like the nearby Makena or Kihei. You can enjoy what beautiful Maui have to offer and still take a short hope over to Wailea without having to break your bank. These two towns are also a good place for whale watching from the beach. Just get a good pair of binoculars.

Sold on visiting Maui? Get your accommodation from Maui vacation rentals.

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